alpha platre, four cuisson, moulage carreaux platre

GYPSOTONNE mixing unit.
’’Simple, practical and effective...’’

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> The technical characteristics of our mixing units.

alpha platre, séchoir à carreaux de plâtre





Compact design.
Maximum space saving. The entire water and plaster metering unit is mounted on a gantry attached to the rails of the plaster tile machine’s overhead crane. 

Longevity guaranteed by the fully stainless steel design
The installation’s longevity is guaranteed through the systematic use of 18-10 stainless steel in the construction of the tanks, the mixing tank and the Archimedes screw used to produce the plaster.

Wholly automatic operation.
Weighing, mixing and tile mould filling follow an adjustable cycle.

Weighing precision.
The use of 3 spring balances on the water tank and plaster hopper.

Unit maintained in an optimum state of cleanliness.
Nozzles spray water to keep the dust down as the plaster is fed into the mixing unit. Self-cleaning of the mixing tank’s internal walls by trickling mixing water as the fill takes place.

Optimized mixing.
The water and plaster are vigorously blended by one or more four-blade stirrers driven by an electric motor (5.5 Kw).

> The pluses

nstallation of a secondary unit :
The option for installing a chemical (silicone, colorants, plasticisers, air entraining agent etc.) additive metering unit

Saving recipes to memory :
The option of saving recipes (water and plaster weight, amount of added products etc.) to memory for reuse simply by calling them up on the machine’s control console.

Hydraulic cylinders keep the stirrer in motion.
2 hydraulic cylinders ensure that the stirrer rises and falls evenly and smoothly.

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