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Administration and techniques

René Bergouhnon - The Chairman

Born on the 18th November 1937 at Blanc Mesnil (France).
Research engineer specializing in fluid mechanics.

1957 -1969 : Worthington Mesoneilan Company at Bourget (France) – Head of Design Office.

Achievements :
Patent : Manual control for automatic control valves.

Patent : Compensated check valve for control valves.

New features :Very high pressure valves 10,000 lb

1970 -1987 : LES COFFRAGES MODERNES(Rosny, Seine Saint Denis, France) :

Company director and shareholder.
Technical Director: Creation of a plaster department in this Company.

Achievements :
Patent : "Extendible" plaster tile press (process bought by the Rhône Poulenc France company).

Patent : Plaster tile drying machine.

New features : Monobloc tile «extrusion» machine, with adaptor for producing hollow tiles.

1985 : Creation of the ALPHA PLATRE Company

The Company’s founder members : Mr. Bergounhon René (father) - Mr. Bergounhon Eric (son) - Mr. Sétéra Alain

This Company invents, develops and very quickly patents many innovative items of equipment intended for the plaster industry.

Our achievements :
Patent : Séchoir à carreaux using condensers and resulting in a 50% reduction in energy consumption, or 450 kilo calories per kilo of water extracted.

Patent : Fours verticaux statiquesfor processing gypsum in order to produce plaster that has a low water demand as the result of the inclusion of plaster designated "alpha”. Heating consumption reduced to a minimum (50% less than other conventional kilns).

New features : ’’interchangeable head’’ tile press. The same machine will produce solid tiles and hollow tiles, of varying tile thickness.

Water-plaster mix preparation.

Handling and packaging finished products.

2005 : We are selling ALPHA PLATREto the CERIC group.

2009 : Creation of the GYPSOTONNE SAS Company

by the same two design engineers who founded ALPHA PLATREin 1985: Messrs BERGOUNHON René (father) andEric (son).

Août 2010 : Mr René BERGOUNHON, Chairman of the GYPSOTONNE SAS Company.

Éric Bergouhnon - Design, research and development director

Born on the 2nd December 1960 at Dugny (France).
Technical studies. Option: Metal frame and structure industrial design.

1982 - 1985 :

Worked in the LES COFFRAGES MODERNES design office (Rosny, Seine Saint Denis, France) : Produced designs for the production of components for plaster works (extrusion and extension plaster tile machines, dryers, plaster tile handling equipment etc.).

1985 - 2005 :

One of the three founder members and directors of the ALPHA PLATRE company (with the backing of his father, René BERGOUNHON and of Mr Alain SETERA, both specializing in the field of plaster and its applications since 1970).

Studies involving new versions of equipment and the application of patents such as:

Research and development into interchangeable head plaster tile machines with a view to moulding different thicknesses of tile using the same machine.

Assisted with the development of plaster tile dryers using heat recovered from steam by means of a patented condenser system.

Research and development into static vertical plaster calcining kilns with an output of 180 tonnes/day and its more powerful brother capable of 450 Tonnes/day

2005 - 2008

Technical Director of the ALPHA PLATRE company bought out in 2005 by the CERIC group.

2008 :

Resigned from KEYRIA before the all the companies within this group went into liquidation in 2009 and 2010.

2009 : Creation of the GYPSOTONNESAS Company

November 2009 – July 2010: Chairman of the GYPSOTONNE SAS Company

August 2010: Design, research and development director for the GYPSOTONNE SAS company.

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